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The PLC Thai Culture Module consists of a series of self-contained presentations that can either be studied in sequence, or integrated into a language course at regular intervals. Each presentation is designed to give an overview of different cultural aspects for foreigners who have an interest in learning about Thai culture generally, or are in Thailand for work purposes or long-term settlement.

PLC School understands that many foreign visitors and residents would like to learn about modern culture and today's society - not just traditions, customs, religion, and history. Therefore, this module also includes references to daily life and modern media (TV, newspapers etc.). Other topics include transport and travel, life in cities and towns, life in rural areas, places to visit, social interaction, food, traditions, shopping, economy and money, and much more.

  • A complete series of visual presentations
  • Video and audio
  • Includes Thai vocabulary and simple sentences
  • Overview of the monarchy, history, religion, and politics
  • Overview of modern life in Thailand
  • Optional final test and certificate
  • Optional day trips and guided tours (when available)

This culture module is also useful if you are studying Thai language. You can add the Thai Culture module to your language studies to give a full Thai Language and Culture course. This gives a 'real-world' context for your studies with extra vocabulary and further examples of social language and etiquette.


Thai Culture at PLC School



Prices and Options


The PLC Thai Culture module is a series of presentations covering specific subjects over a total of 60 hours. The course is available as one-to-one, twin or private group classes, and can be studied in the following ways:

Option 1 - As a stand-alone course (60 hours)

You can take the full 60 hour course, or take 20 hours at a time. To qualify for a test and a certificate, all 60 hours must be completed.

Option 2 - As an additional module

You can add the whole module to your Thai language studies to give a full Thai Language and Culture course. You can add the whole 60 hours, or add 20 hours at a time. You can mix the Thai culture hours with your language classes for variety, or you can take the whole culture course in sequence.

Certified Thai Culture Course


Thai Culture Certificate at PLC School


PLC School offers a certificate of completion to students who would like a record of study. For certification, the student must complete the whole module and pass a final test. This is optional.

It should be noted that the PLC Thai Culture Course is produced and administered by PLC School. It is not an official course and is not accepted or recognized as an official qualification, or as part of an application for a teacher's license, or as a credit for further education.

Option 1 - As a stand-alone course


The PLC Thai Culture module can be studied as a complete course. Classes are available as one-to-one, twin or private group classes.

Thai Culture at PLC School

Thai Culture

Full Module
  • Total 60 Hours
  • from 11,100 THB per student


Thai Language & Culture Courses


Option 2 - Example prices for a full Thai Language and Culture course


Easy Thai Language + Thai Culture

Example: 30 hours language + 20 hours culture
  • Example price for a one-to-one class
  • from 16,190 THB per student


General Thai Language + Thai Culture

Example: 20 hours language + 20 hours culture
  • Example price for a one-to-one class
  • from 14,100 THB per student



Thai Culture - Student Day Trips & Guided Tours


The PLC School day trips and guided tours are open to all students. Destinations are varied and include aspects of Thai culture. Teachers and staff are present to guide each trip and are available to answer any questions, and to provide language support and native cultural knowledge.

"You can relax and enjoy an authentic cultural experience"

Tours are usually organized as groups of ten people or more, and generally consist of a day trip, or two days with an overnight stay. You can also organize your own group and request a specific location (minimum of 10 people). The cost of each trip depends on distance, duration, accommodation and any entrance fees.

If you are interested in joining a day trip or a longer tour, please send us a message using the form below. PLC School will notify you as new trips and tours become available. Tour pictures will be featured on our Facebook page.


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Thai Culture Tours

Tour and trips are open to those registered as a student at PLC School. Tours are not official or commercial tours and are viewed as educational field trips. All tours and trips are subject to terms and conditions.


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