Improve Communication in the Workplace


English is widely used in the business world to communicate with customers and staff. English is not always the first language, but understanding English well can give a very real business advantage.

The PLC Business English courses provide an effective solution for businesses and companies who wish to develop English language skills within their specific business.

  • Development of speaking and listening skills
  • Development of reading and writing skills
  • General and specific business vocabulary and language use
  • Social language, interaction and business etiquette
  • A focus on specific language issues
  • Guided practice and confidence building


Course Management


Progress monitoring is an important aspect when training staff. The PLC Business English courses include full testing and progress checks during a course, and final results are provided once a level has been completed, or the course hours come to an end.

  • Professional placement tests
  • Assessment and needs analysis
  • Students are regularly tested during courses
  • Ongoing student feedback and progress assessment during a course
  • End of course report and individual results
  • Proposals for continued learning


Blended Learning


Blended learning makes use of the very latest technologies and digital media to give extra support for studies. This allows business English students to have more control over when and where they study, and how much time they give to study. This is particularly important in a business environment. It is not always possible to attend every class if there are business commitments.

The PLC Business English courses use modern materials which can be used in class, at home, or even if you travel. Students can keep up with class subjects and tests, and can communicate with teachers and tutors online if necessary.

Each student receives a course book, an interactive DVD, and access to their own personal online learning account. The online material follows the course books and interactive materials on the DVD. Progress can be tested and graded online.


English for Specific Purposes (ESP)


In some cases, an English language course can be too general. If you are running a business and investing in staff training, it is important that the vocabulary and language function relates to the workplace and is improved as quickly as possible. In this situation, acquiring useful day-to-day language and specific vocabulary is just as important as learning the full structure of a language.

A PLC Business English course can provide both general business English and industry specific language. Language use and needs for your business can be discussed and researched at the outset to ensure fast and effective progression. Language that can be improved or introduced right away is identified.


Business English


The focus is on general business vocabulary, language function and practice within common business situations. Other objectives include the introduction of new structure and the revision of existing language skills to improve both accuracy and fluency.

Specific language can be added to provide a complete and useful learning experience for all students.


Social English


It is important not to overlook the importance of social language. Knowing how to use formal and informal language socially can be an extremely important skill in the business world.

The PLC Business English course brings in social language as a confidence builder and as a starting point for new learners and beginners. Conversation, social interaction, culture and business etiquette is included for those learning at higher levels.


Course Summary

  • Introduction levels (General English) - New learners and beginners
  • Six learning levels (General Business English) - Elementary to advanced
  • Modern materials including audio, video and interactive exercises
  • Primary language - British English
  • Examples of American English and multinational accents
  • Templates for business correspondence
  • Business vocabulary and word banks
  • Tested progression
  • Online self-study materials included



Cost Effective Learning


The PLC Business Courses offer far more than class time tuition. The materials provided act as a complete reference that can be used long after the classes have finished. Learners can access and use example sentences, vocabulary banks, business language templates and interactive references. The online self-study resource is complete and remains active for 12 months.

Representatives from PLC School and Training Centre are available and happy to answer any questions you may have about business English courses, or an appointment can be made to visit your premises to present full course details and demonstrate course materials.


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A full course prospectus, needs analysis, placement tests, interviews, course proposals and post-course reports are all a part of an extensive support structure for the PLC Business English courses.


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