Business English

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Course Summary

  • Professional placement test
  • Assessment of your learning goals
  • Introduction level (Starter)
  • Five Learning Levels - Elementary to advanced
  • Modern materials including audio, video and interactive exercises
  • Primary language - British English
  • Examples of American English and multinational accents
  • Templates for business correspondence
  • Language for emails and phone calls
  • Business vocabulary and word banks
  • Development of speaking and listening skills
  • Development of reading and writing skills
  • General and specific business vocabulary and language use
  • Social language, interaction and business etiquette
  • A focus on specific language issues
  • Tested progression
  • Online self-study materials included

Classes aim to include role-play exercises, guided practice and confidence building, class discussions, and extended speaking and listening practice.

The course price includes:

  • A Student’s Course Book
  • A multimedia DVD workbook with:
    • Audio and video
    • Self-study exercises
    • Self-testing
    • Example language and templates


It is recommended that you are at elementary level or higher, and have a good understanding of basic English language structure. If you are new to English or a beginner, a General English course with a focus on structure and basic communication is advised. A placement test is available and will indicate your level.


Blended Learning at PLC School

Blended learning makes use of the very latest technologies and digital media to give extra support for your studies. This allows you to have more control over when you study, where you study, and how much time you give to study.

Online Learning - The complete course is available online. Your own personal learner account is set, and can be accessed online by logging-in.

Self-study - The course book and the interactive work book DVD contain complete activities, exercises and tests that can be used for reference and self-study. An internet connection is not required.

The materials for either option are almost the same. The difference is the way in which the material is accessed. You can study or revise English subjects at your own speed at home, or practice and prepare by using the course book, the interactive DVD, or online resources.

  • Learn in the classroom and continue study at home
  • Self-study with Teacher support online or in the classroom
  • Self-test your knowledge at regular intervals
  • Practise with extra audio and video exercises
  • Use and adapt language examples and templates



Courses Prices and Options


Business English - self-study (book only)


PLC Business English Online

If you would like to control your own study, you can use the Business English materials to self-study at home without teacher support. PLC School can provide you with a course book, a DVD workbook, and set an online learning account for you. Tests are marked automatically.


  • 1 x Set of Materials (one set per learning level)
  • from 550 THB per set (excludes any shipping)


Full Business English Classes


PLC Business English

Full classes are taken at PLC School with self-study options (blended learning). Teachers can monitor your language skills and needs in a more focused and practical way in a classroom environment. There is also more opportunity for skills practice, such as speaking, listening, and role-play exercises. An education visa is available for foreign students.


  • Example price for 20 Hours
  • one-to-one
  • from 12,500 THB per student
Education Visa Available



Business English Classes and Exam Preparation


PLC Business English and Exam Preparation

The PLC Business English Course can be a useful way to revise or practice English for exams that have a business element (TOEIC for example). You can study to progress to the required level, or combine business English with a test preparation course (skills practice within the test format).


  • Example price for 20 Hours
  • one-to-one exam preparation
  • from 13,000 THB per student


Business English Placement Tests


English Placement Tests

Testing your ability ensures the course you take is at the right level for you. The options include a full online placement test (taken at home or at PLC School), or a multiple choice business English test (taken at PLC School). The online placement test can be used if your learning option is online study only.


  • Oxford Online Placement Test
  • from 300 THB per student



Single, Twin or Group Classes


One-to-one classes are available and offer a highly focused learning process for fast progression.

Twin Classes gives two students (at a similar level) the opportunity to learn together. This can help with confidence and friends can support each other during study.

Group Classes can give a more open and social feel that's often associated with larger classes. These classes are ideal if you prefer to learn with friends or colleagues in a group environment.

Businesses and companies can create small or large private group classes for employees, either on-site or at PLC School and Training Centre.


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Study Hours and Discounts


If your course includes class time, PLC School offers flexible options for study hours. You do not have to book extensive amounts of time. You can manage your hours and payment by buying blocks of study time to suit your available time or budget. Discounts relate to the number of students per class (twin or group).

If you have a friend or friends who also want to study, you can take advantage of discounts by attending as a pair (a twin class) or as small group (three or more people). You can also apply to join an existing group class.

Important Note: set hours are required for an Education Visa.


Visit PLC School or contact us for full prices and details

Discounts: Class study time is available in 10, 20 and 60 hour blocks. Discounts apply and depend on the number of hours or the number of students.

Foreign Students: If you require an education visa (6 months or 1 year), a set number of study hours and weekly class attendance is a legal requirement.

Send a message to PLC School:


Online: Send your name, email address and your question or comment.

Visit PLC School: Call in and discuss the options open to you with our friendly staff and take a look at course books and available class times.


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