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Pattaya School of Languages and Computers (PLC) is a private school in the resort city of Pattaya, in Thailand. The school was established in 1998 and is licensed by The Ministry of Education Thailand. PLC school was certified to ISO standards by The Private Education Commission in 2012. PLC School is located within the main city (central Pattaya), and is on a main road with easy car parking.


About Pattaya


Pattaya is a multicultural city and an ideal location for expats or regular foreign visitors. It is a resort city and has an industry based on tourism and property development. Pattaya is not far from the capital Bangkok, the international airport and the main motorways, and has many world-class developments and brands in and around the city itself.

There are many beaches and local attractions, along with temples, modern shopping malls, markets, beauty salons, spas and traditional Thai massage parlours. It is very much a twenty-four hour society and shopping areas remain busy late into the night.

Pattaya is a safe city and has both regular police and tourist police to help foreigners with information and security. Hotels and condominiums also run their own security and access systems.

There are several modern and well equipped hospitals in Pattaya for any health issues or medical requirements, and there are many high street pharmacies that offer a complete range of medicines and health care products.

Pattaya is a diverse city and can offer something for families, young couples, tour groups, and single travellers. Many tourists visit Pattaya for holidays. Some foreigners stay long-term and invest in holiday homes or plan for retirement in Thailand.

Pattaya city has all the familiar brands, services and facilities to provide a home-from-home experience for residents and travellers. This also provides help and support for those travelling to Thailand for the first time.


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Long-term Visitors


Those working or living in Pattaya long-term have a comfortable environment along with all the benefits of a tropical climate, a favourable currency exchange rate, and the unique social experiences that are found in the culturally rich and diverse Thai society.

If you are considering spending more time in Pattaya or Thailand, and want a useful and interesting way to occupy your time, PLC School can provide the answer. Long-term language courses with education visa support are available if you enroll as a foreign student. Learning the Thai language to any extent gives you an advantage if you intend to stay long-term.

During your study, our experienced staff can help and answer any questions you may have about immigration issues, accommodation, travel, or any aspect of daily life in Pattaya.

Studying Thai language may be helpful if:

  • You want to work, or run a business in Thailand
  • You have, or want to buy a holiday home
  • You visit on a regular basis or want to stay long-term
  • You have family or friends in Thailand
  • You would like to study a language as a student abroad
  • You want to take a gap year or take time-out

Studying a language can help to improve your communication skills with local people, and becoming a foreign student also allows you to apply for a long-term education visa (valid for 6 months or 1 year each time). This gives you time to explore a new language and culture along with the benefits this can bring, and your stay is supported by a valid visa.


Long-term Education Visas for Foreign Students


Apply to Study as a Foreign Student

Applying for, or maintaining a visa for long-term stays or study in any foreign country can seem difficult, and this can be more frustrating if there are language issues. PLC School can offer the prefect solution to this situation that may also help with other aspects of your life in Pattaya.

Each Education Visa application will follow the general guidelines as shown below. However, there may be considerations in each case. Our friendly staff can help to make the application process as smooth as possible by confirming the correct documentation or addressing any issues for your application.

Courses are available as one-to-one, twin classes or group classes. The cost often depends on how many students there are per class. Group classes are the most cost-effective courses and provide a more social environment during class time. You can create your own private group, or join an existing open group.

As a holder of an education visa you will need to attend school for a specific number of hours per week. However, there is plenty of free time so you can study further at home or travel around and to get to know more about Thai culture. PLC School often organizes day trips and longer breaks that are open to all students as a part of a Thai Language and Culture program.


Assessment and Cost


PLC School can provide a quote for your Education Visa package once your application requirements and course details are known. PLC School recommends a visit to one of our branches in Pattaya to assess your application. If you are not in Pattaya (or Thailand), you can contact us by phone or send us a message.

All courses and education visas are subject to terms and conditions. Application and payments must be made in advance. Prices include admin and registration fees and are per person. The following information represents guidelines only and is subject to change without prior notice. All applications are assessed on a case by case basis and PLC reserves the right to refuse an application without providing a reason. Full terms and conditions are provided on application.


Visa Updates and News


PLC School will post details of any visas updates here, or in the School reception areas when possible.

Latest News
December 2022

For new applications in December 2022 it is advised that you check application status, and application time-scales over the hoilday periods with Thai Immigration Services.

September 2022

Thai language courses with education visa support are now available again.

The First Step


The first step is to decide which language course you would like to enroll for and the duration requirement for the Education Visa.

In some cases, the cost will depend on your learning requirements and level. The more advanced levels can involve higher tuition costs. A placement test can be arranged to identify your current level if this is a consideration.


Effective Learning


The language courses represented here are specifically designed for effective and enjoyable long-term language learning. You can choose to focus on the academic aspect, or the more social and practical side of learning a language. These particular courses are also ideal if you intend to apply for an education visa as each syllabus easily covers the required study time.

Other language and training courses at PLC School also offer Education Visa support and details are included within the relevant sections.


Thai Language Courses



English Language Courses




Application Process


Your Current Location


If you decide to enroll on a course and apply for an education visa, the next step is to consider the application process. The following is an outline of what's involved and depends on your current location.


Application Support


PLC School can help and confirm the process and documents required. If you can prepare or have some of the items and documents mentioned below, the application process can begin (this is especially important if time is an issue).


If you are in Thailand:

Decide which language you would like to learn. The current options are group classes for Thai or English language at beginner to elementary levels (contact PLC for availability of higher levels).

The latest prices and options for education visas and courses are available from reception.

To register and start the application process at PLC School, please bring the following:

  • Your passport and visa details (you will need 30-45 days of remaining visa time to apply)
  • 12 passport sized photos (4cm x 6cm) of yourself with a white background.
  • Rental contract (condo, apartment, house) as proof of accommodation or ownership in the Chon Buri area.

PLC School will then advise you about the current process and following maintainance process, and prepare documents for your Education Visa application. It should be noted that applications are not guaranteed, and there is a non-refundable deposit in each case.

 Notice: India, China, Vietnam, Middle Eastern countries and some African countries need to return to their home country to receive a non-immigrant “ED” visa from their local Thai Embassy or consulate.

If you are from a country mentioned above, we require more documents which must be certified and translated into English. They are as follows:

  • Police clearance
  • A bank statement to show you have money to support yourself in Thailand
  • Your level of education (certificates and/or degrees)
Send a message to PLC School:


Online: Send your name, email address and your question or comment.

Visit PLC School: Call in and discuss the options open to you with our friendly staff and take a look at course books and available class times.


PLC School Central Pattaya


  • Pattaya School of Languages and Computers 194/10-11 M.9 Pattaya Klang Road
  • School Office Hours: Monday to Saturday 10am - 5pm
  • Telephone: 038 421 819
  • Mobile: 086 367 0757
  • Fax: 038 360 175




PLC School Branches in Central and North Pattaya


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