General English Language

A modern approach to learning


Course Summary

  • CEFR Placement Test
  • Assessment of your Learning Goals
  • Introduction Level - New Learners
  • Six Learning Levels - Beginner to Advanced
  • Primary Language - British English
  • Option - American English
  • Option - Thai or Native English Teacher
  • Grammar
  • Vocabulary
  • Pronunciation
  • Listening and Speaking
  • Reading and Writing
  • Tested Progression

Classes aim to include role-play exercises and conversation practice.

The course price includes:

  • A Student’s Course Book
  • A Multimedia DVD with:
    • Audio and video
    • Self-study exercises
    • Self-testing
    • Links to online tests and exercises (related to the course book)

Note: DVD not available for new learner courses. Other materials are provided.


Blended Learning at PLC School

Blended learning makes use of the very latest technologies and digital media to give extra support for your studies. This allows you to have more control over when you study, where you study, and how much time you give to study.

You can study or revise English subjects at your own speed at home, or practice and prepare by using the course book, the interactive DVD, or online resources. Full resources are available to beginner levels and above, and include listening exercises, interactive self-tests, vocabulary lists, help with pronunciation, reading exercises, writing exercises and much more. This means there is more class time available for the areas you need help with, or want to develop (listening and speaking for example).


Self-study Support Materials

  • Learn in the classroom and continue study at home
  • Self-test your knowledge at regular intervals
  • Practise with extra audio and video exercises
  • Pre-learn or revise related course vocabulary



New to English?


English courses for New Learners are also available at PLC School. Students start with the basics and build vocabulary and language from the very beginning with a Thai teacher.

  • Build vocabulary
  • Speaking and listening practice
  • Learn to make simple sentences


New Learner courses focus on language skills and confidence building through use, and include speaking, listening, and role-play activities. Simple grammar is introduced to help to produce accurate language as a new learner progresses. The aim is to prepare and progress to beginner level English language classes with native English speaking teachers.



Finding your Level


It is important to find the level that suits your English language ability. Courses that are too difficult or too easy are not helpful in terms of learning a subject well.

PLC School uses professional placement tests to ensure your level is measured as accurately as possible. Placement test options include a full online test (taken at home or at PLC School), or a paper test taken at PLC School. Test results are used to indentify your CEFR level.

CEFR is short for: Common European Framework of Reference for Languages: Learning, Teaching, Assessment.
This is an international assessment standard commonly used by universities, publishers, employers and language schools.


A1 - A2B1 - B2C1 - C2
Basic Independent Proficient


CEFR test scores relate to a scale of six levels (plus a new learner level). Your learning level within CEFR will depend on your test score. Once your score is known, PLC School can then set your course within the correct level as follows: New learner (A0), beginner, elementary, pre-intermediate, intermediate, upper intermediate or advanced.



How many study hours do I need?


The answer depends on how often you study, how well you progress, and what your aims are.

If your aim is to improve your general social English, have fun and understand new language at your own speed, level progression may not be so important to you. In this case, your initial progression in class and through the course book will indicate how many units or subjects you are likely to cover during your study hours.

Students studying for exams or other specific reasons, or those under a time limit will need to ensure they maintain their study and remain motivated. Teachers will help and advise students in these situations to ensure learning aims are realistic and can be met. Teachers can help students to plan and manage progress with the help of self-study materials and a more intensive learning approach.

In general terms, progression from one CEFR level to the next can take around 200 hours of guided study. This may require the completion of one or more course book levels (beginner and elementary to cover A1, or to progress to the lower end of B1 for example)


Progress Revision and Tests


You may have studied for 20 hours, but how are you doing?

It is important to find out what you can do well or need to revise as you progress through a course. PLC English language courses include frequent testing during the course, and extra multimedia material includes a full set of self-tests for each course book unit or subject.

At certain points during progression, your level may be high enough to take a Cambridge Examination. This is the aim for some students. Others will be advised of the options if their level reaches this point.


Courses Prices and Options



Learning Levels and Teachers

New Learner levels are starter courses for students who are completely new to English. Classes are with Thai speaking teachers, and the aim is to build confidence and to introduce basic English language and vocabulary.

Beginner to Pre-intermediate levels are taught by native English Teachers. Experienced Thai speaking teachers are also available for students wishing to study or revise grammar.

Intermediate to Advanced levels are taught by native English Teachers. The lessons include tutorials and English language development along with exam preparation.

Single, Twin or Group Classes

One-to-one classes are available and offer a highly focused learning process for fast progression.

Twin Classes gives two students (at a similar level) the opportunity to learn together. This can help with confidence and friends can support each other during study.

Group Classes can give a more open and social feel that's often associated with larger classes. Time slots are not as flexible, but these classes are ideal if you prefer to learn in a group environment.

Study Hours and Discounts

PLC School offers flexible options for study hours. You do not have to book extensive amounts of time. You can manage your hours and payment by buying blocks of study time to suit your available time or budget. Important Note: set hours are required for an Education Visa.

If you have a friend or friends who also want to study, you can take advantage of discounts by attending as a pair (a twin class) or as small group (three or more people). You can also apply to join an existing group class.

Study hours can be bought in blocks. Discounts relate to the number of students per class (twin or group).


What's Included?


English Language Courses at PLC School Pattyaya



Materials included in the cost of each course:

  • Student's Course Book
  • Interactive DVD with audio and video
  • Interactive progress tests
  • Class time revision tests
  • Links to extra online exercises
Note: DVD not available for new learner courses.

Examples of study costs are shown below.

Foreign Students
An Education Visa is required if you are a foreign student studying in Thailand. Follow the link below for application details and prices.

Education Visas

Blended learning at PLC


General English with a Thai Teacher

New Learners
  • Example price for 20 Hours
  • one-to-one class
  • with Thai Teacher
  • from 9,500 THB per student

General English

Elementary to Pre-intermediate
  • one-to-one class
  • with Native Speaking Teacher
  • Price on application

General English (Advanced)

  • one-to-one class
  • with Native Speaking Teacher
  • Price on application


Visit PLC School or contact us for full prices and details

Discounts: Study time is available in 10, 20 and 60 hour blocks. Discounts apply and depend on the number of hours or the number of students per class.

Foreign Students: If you require an education visa (6 months or 1 year), a set number of study hours and weekly class attendance is a legal requirement.


Send a message to PLC School:


Online: Send your name, email address and your question or comment.

Visit PLC School: Call in and discuss the options open to you with our friendly staff and take a look at course books and available class times.


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