General Thai Language

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Course Summary

  • Assessment of your Learning Goals
  • Starter Level (New Learner)
  • Beginner to Advanced
  • Grammar
  • Vocabulary
  • Pronunciation and Thai Tones
  • Listening and Speaking
  • Reading and Writing

Classes aim to include role-play exercises and conversation practice.

The course price includes:

  • A Student’s Course Book
  • Handouts and test materials

Placement Test

A placement test is given if you have studied Thai before, or if you can already use Thai to some extent. If you are completely new to Thai language we can help and advise about the best learning path for your particular aims.

Easy Thai or General Thai?

Both courses are suitable for new learners and beginners. Easy Thai focuses on building vocabulary and stays at the same level in terms of grammar and structure and prepares learners for beginner levels. General Thai is a full language course and progresses level by level from new learners to advanced.


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Learning Thai Language at PLC School


Full Language Development - New Learners to Advanced Levels

The General Thai Language course is structured to provide a useful course for foreigners living or working in Thailand (Thai as a Second Language). This is a progressive course and starts at new learner / beginner level. The student works through level by level until they reach advanced language.

Unlike the Easy Thai course, the General Thai language course includes full grammar and language structure, and builds all the language skills at the same time (listening, speaking, reading and writing). Examples of use and practice are included, and the vocabulary builds as the levels progress.

A range of native language resources and guided learning are introduced as the learner reaches intermediate levels and above. This provides practice with 'real-world' Thai language and a deeper cultural context.

There is a full Thai culture module that can be added to this course. This combination provides a complete Thai Language and Culture course.


New to Thai language?


Thai language courses at PLC School have levels that have been specifically designed for new learners and beginners.

  • Explore Thai words and sounds
  • Start to create Thai written characters
  • Learn about Thai tones and language elements
  • Practice simple conversation

Subjects at the early levels include the Thai alphabet, numbers, counting, Thai tones, greetings, social language, simple sentences, and basic vocabulary. A few expressions and phrases are introduced to help with social conversation and classroom communication.

Once a student has a little knowledge and is comfortable, the learning moves on from the very basics (new learner) to the full beginner levels.

One of the aims at new, and beginner levels (for both Easy Thai and General Thai) is to provide a relaxed classroom environment where small steps can be taken to build solid language and confidence.


General Thai - How many study hours do I need?


The answer depends on how often you study, the kind of class you join (open or private), how well you progress, and what your aims are.

If your aim is to improve your general social Thai, have fun and understand new language at your own speed, level progression may not be so important to you. In this case, your initial progression in class and through the course book will indicate how many units or subjects you are likely to cover during your study hours.

Students studying the progressive general Thai course in a group, or those under a time limit will need to ensure they maintain their study and remain motivated. Teachers will help and advise students to ensure learning aims are realistic and can be met. Tests and assessments follow progress through each book to ensure the language is at the correct standard before moving on to the next level.

In general terms, progression from one level to the next can take around 200 hours of guided study. This may require the completion of one or more course books or specific learning levels.


Placement and Progress Assessment


New Learner / Beginners Elementary Pre-intermediate Intermediate to advanced


The learning levels and the main course books (beginner, elementary, pre-intermediate etc.) are represented as three main groups: basic, independent and proficient.

The new learner level is a starter level and is included in the basic level course books. The study time required will depend on the rate of progress.


Courses Prices and Options


Single, Twin or Group Classes

One-to-one classes are available and offer a highly focused learning process for fast progression.

Twin Classes gives two students (at a similar level) the opportunity to learn together. This can help with confidence and friends can support each other during study.

Group Classes can give a more open and social feel that's often associated with larger classes. Time slots are not as flexible, but these classes are ideal if you prefer to learn in a group environment.


Study Hours and Discounts

PLC School offers flexible options for study hours. You do not have to book extensive amounts of time. You can manage your hours and payment by buying blocks of study time to suit your available time or budget. Important Note: set hours are required for an Education Visa.

If you have a friend or friends who also want to study, you can take advantage of discounts by attending as a pair (a twin class) or as small group (three or more people). You can also apply to join an existing group class.

Study hours can be bought in blocks. Discounts relate to the number of students per class (twin or group).


General Thai Language

Beginner - Advanced
  • Example price for 20 Hours
  • one-to-one class
  • from 9,900 THB per student


Foreign Students
An Education Visa is required if you are a foreign student studying in Thailand. Follow the link below for application details and prices.

Education Visas

General Thai at PLC School

What's Included?

Materials included in the cost of each course:

  • A Student’s Course Book
  • Handouts and test materials


Thai Language and Culture at PLC School

Lessons include culture references to give your classes variety, and an effective way to get up to speed in terms of both language and culture.This gives you a full Thai Language and Culture Course with the language side at your level.

+ Thai Culture - Read More

Visit PLC School or contact us for full prices and details

Discounts: Study time is available in 10, 20 and 60 hour blocks. Discounts apply and depend on the number of hours or the number of students per class.

Foreign Students: If you require an education visa (6 months or 1 year), a set number of study hours and weekly class attendance is a legal requirement.

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