German Language & Culture

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German Language and Culture

Study Options

The PLC German language and culture course is available as a combined course (language and culture), or as separate courses (language or culture).

German Language Course

New learners to Advanced

The aim is to introduce German as a Foreign Language to all learner levels. More time is given to the elements that can be difficult to practice such listening, speaking, and extended vocabulary.

  • Social conversation and situations
  • Pronunciation and language skills
  • Development of accurate language
  • Vocabulary and language for daily life
  • A1 Visa Test preparation

Materials: Course books, practice tests and study materials are available. The books used or recommended will depend on each student's aim, and their level of ability.

German Culture Module

An overview of German culture and society

A total of eight specific modules provide a complete overview of German culture. Modules can be taken to provide a basic overview, or studied in more detail as a fully certified course.

  • Social etiquette and customs
  • Modern culture and history
  • Towns, cities and regions
  • Examples of German language
  • Presented in Thai or English language

Materials: Multimedia material includes slide presentations and video. Written tests and assignments are provided if the certified course option is selected.