Thai Language Courses

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Course Comparison


Easy Thai

Vocabulary Development - New Learners and Beginners.

The aim is to introduce Thai language to new learners and beginners, and learners wishing to build their vocabulary. Language is often acquired and learning can be fast. Unlike General Thai, the grammar and structure remains at simple levels. The focus is on listening, speaking, and vocabulary.

  • Social conversation
  • Example sentences and reference cards
  • Pronunciation and tone
  • Vocabulary in context for situations that occur in daily life
  • Aspects of Thai Culture

Materials: Handouts build into a reference as the course goes along. Books for vocabulary and practice are provided. There is also a starter language pack containing reference material. Classes are run as groups with a Thai teacher.

Private classes with the full Thai culture module are also available.

General Thai

Full Language Development - New Learners to Advanced Levels

The focus is on the structure and the course progresses level by level. Levels are grouped into three main sections - basic, independent, and proficient. Includes the study of vocabulary, language structure, pronunciation, Thai tones, and language skills (reading, writing, listening and speaking) with an experienced Thai teacher.

  • Progress level by level (new learner to advanced)
  • Social conversation and cultural contexts
  • Pronunciation and language skills
  • Development of accurate language
  • Role-play and practice of language use
  • Optional Full Thai Culture module

Materials: Professional course books, handouts and exercises are provided during the course. Presentations, videos and class activities are included.