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Part-time courses, revision classes and exam preparation for young learners from 7 to 12 years old


Young Learner classes at PLC School are aimed at providing part-time study or extra tuition after government / regular school hours, at weekends, or during school holidays.

PLC School is a private language school and does not offer full time English courses or a government curriculum for young learners or young children.


Placement Test


Young Learners placement test


A full online placement test is available to assess current ability. The test is interactive and specifically designed for young learners. It is a full assessment with video and listening sections in a bright and fun environment. The results are given as a level within the international CEFR scale.

The online placement test can be taken online at PLC School. Alternatively, you can take the test online from any country or location, or from home if it is more convenient (internet connection is required).


Cambridge English


Young Learner Cambridge English


PLC School can help to prepare young learners for examination level English. Practice tests, exam techniques and guided learning are aimed at preparing young learners for the Cambridge Starters, Movers and Flyers certificates. When the student is ready, the exam is taken at an authorised Cambridge exam centre (not at PLC School). If the student passes, they are issued with a full Cambridge certificate.

The primary aim may not be study for exams. However, PLC School will advise parents of the option once a student reaches the appropriate level.


Reading for Pleasure


Young Learners placement test


PLC School encourages the use of graded readers for young learners. These are books that have had the language level simplified to help second language learners read them. The language is graded for vocabulary and grammar structure. A free online placement test is available to assess level.

Graded reading can often be engaging for young learners and it is an effective way to receive a second language. The stories and subjects offer interesting material that can be used in class with a teacher to study language use, meaning, and structure, along with effective development of reading and writing skills.


Blended Learning


The part time English Language course for young learners includes elements of blended learning. This means there is a lot of extra self-study materials and resources the student can access when away from the classroom. As a parent, you can become involved in guidance or study, or encourage your child to study further when they are at home.

The course books and the interactive CDs offer a colourful and interesting course for young learners with audio and songs. Pronunciation practice, vocabulary, the introduction of structure, and practice of the language skills (listening, speaking, reading and writing) are all included.

  • Interactive exercises and tests
  • A CD-ROM is provided with the Student Book
  • Extra CD-ROMs and work books are available
  • Online practice and activities
  • Online support and material for parents



Options for Young Learners at PLC School


Option 1: Revision and Extra Tuition

This option supports the level the young learner is following at their own school. The aim is to provide extra tuition that follows existing curriculum and course books. The student or parent can choose to focus on areas of difficulty, or the teacher can identify and help with weak or problem areas.

  • Support for existing learning level
  • Help with difficult or problem areas
  • Study with existing course books or materials
  • Focused tuition (one-to-one, twin or small group)
  • Additional activities for English skills development
  • Development of English social skills and confidence building


Option 2: Placement, Preparation and Study

This option follows a complete progressive English language course. The student's level is assessed for current ability with a professional online placement test. Once the result is known, books and materials are provided for the appropriate level.

  • CEFR YL English Placement Test
  • Assessment of student aims
  • Course books and interactive materials provided
  • Focused tuition (one-to-one, twin or small group)
  • Level learning (a starter level and 6 progressive levels)
  • Optional exam preparation and practice (Cambridge certificates)


What's Included?


English for Young Learners at PLC School Pattyaya



The following materials are included in the cost of each course if the student is taking a full English course (not included for revision classes or extra tuition):

  • Student's Course Book
  • Interactive CD with audio and video
  • Interactive progress tests
  • Class time revision tests
  • Links to extra online exercises

Work Books
Additional work books with CDs are available, but are not included in the course price.

Graded Readers
Graded readers are not included in the course price. Some are available for free. Others are available to buy online, or as printed books.

The cost of any scans, prints or photocopies used for extra tuition is not included.

Examples of study costs are shown below.

Placement Test
PLC School strongly recommends a full online placement test for young learners if the current level is unknown or untested.

There is a small charge for this test.

The test result provides an internationally recognized CEFR level.


YL English with a Thai Teacher

Revision and Tuition
Part-time English Course
  • Example price for 20 Hours
  • one-to-one classes
  • from 6,900 THB per student

YL English with a Native Teacher

Revision and Tuition
Part-time English Course
  • Example price for 20 Hours
  • one-to-one classes
  • from 11,500 THB per student

Young Learner Full English Course

Advanced Revision and Tuition
Exam Preparation
  • Example price for 20 Hours
  • one-to-one classes
  • from 11,500 to 13,000 THB per student


Visit PLC School or contact us for full prices and details

Discounts: Study time is available in 10, 20 and 60 hour blocks. Discounts apply and depend on the number of hours or the number of students per class.

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